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Using Social Media Platforms to Advertise

Social media has become a valuable tool for companies. They present new ways to reach customers and build a brand. With all of the different social media platforms that people use, the ones that your company uses the most will depend on the kind of business it is and the customers you want to reach.

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social media and seo

What’s the Difference Between Social Media Marketing and SEO?

Do you know which is better for growing your online business- Social Media Marketing or SEO? Both have their benefits, which work best in certain situations. Ideally, you can do both.

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How To Use LinkedIn As A Promotional Tool

With millions of users around the world, LinkedIn is a leading social media network today. LinkedIn has a focus on helping professionals build and maintain their networks by making convenient online connections. But, LinkedIn isn’t just for connecting with your colleagues. It can also be used as an effective marketing tool for your business. 

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visual marketing

The Importance of Visual Content in Marketing

As you develop and implement your company’s marketing campaign, it’s easy to get caught up in written content. After all, the written content on your website, blog, and social media accounts can clearly provide information to potential customers. However, visual content is essential to any successful marketing campaign. Images, graphics, and an eye-catching logo work to establish a recognizable brand. 

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social media during the pandemic

Social Media Ideas During the Pandemic

Social Media is seeing unprecedented popularity now, as more people are unable to venture out, travel, or patronize brick and mortal businesses like they did before. With more people home and on their devices, now is a good time to get in front of your audience via social media. These platforms provide an excellent venue for advertising, exposure and engagement. Considering that almost 3 billion people worldwide use social media, it’s one of the single largest audiences in the world.

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instagram business profile

Why Use an Instagram Business Profile

Instagram Business Profiles, which were introduced in 2016, offer your business a number of different tools to assist you with growing and marketing your business.

Creating a business account or changing your personal Instagram account into a business account is free. However, if you choose to advertise your business on the Instagram platform, buying ad space, understandably, will cost you money.

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social media for branding

Use Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Brand

In the crowded online market, those with the best marketing and uprising above the rest. With the proliferation and popularity of social media, marketing can be easier and more effective than ever. But why is social media marketing so important, and why should you find an excellent team to head your social media marketing efforts?

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facebook ads

Facebook Ads For Businesses

There are over two billion (and counting) Facebook users in the world today. The enormous scope of this social media platform is a major benefit for businesses looking to expand their ad strategies. But, as with any marketing venture, it’s important to weigh Facebook’s value to businesses, especially given the breadth of social media platforms in our modern world. 

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social media

How Often to Post on Social Media Platforms

Modern online marketing hinges on social media to build a follower base and boost company awareness. While the task of maintaining your company’s social media accounts may sound straightforward, there are many nuances to consider in social media management. From your existing follower base to your business size and your ultimate marketing goals, multiple factors should be incorporated into your social media strategy.

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video marketing

Why Your Brand Needs Video Marketing

Online business is a constant battle for attention. Staying relevant on social media, creating a brand, attracting customers, and earning sales requires some creativity. To give yourself the best chance of success online, you need a comprehensive and results-driven approach to business – something video marketing can help you accomplish.

Video marketing involves creating videos to provide information instead of relying on text. Often featuring a visual aid plus voiceover, these relatively simple videos can make a huge difference in how your brand is seen and remembered by customers – two huge factors in your success online.

Below are 4 reasons to implement video marketing on your website and in your marketing campaign.

More Engaging Than Text

Text is absolutely everywhere online, which makes it relatively monotonous to read – the opposite of what you want your marketing to be! In an age where everything is digitized, many companies aren’t taking advantage of the benefits offered by the internet – in this case, media creation that unfolds live rather than on paper.

In addition to being boring, text also requires active reading as opposed to listening to a narrated video. There’s a reason people use text to speech or listen to audio books. Not everyone likes to read!

By creating videos for your website or marketing campaign, you’re reaching more potential customers and giving yourself a better chance of keeping their attention while you get your pitch across.

Increased Shareability

Viral marketing is an incredibly cost-efficient way of getting advertising, and videos are a great way to try your hand at going viral. Whether you’re trying to spread information or awareness of a problem or just “Old Spice” it with a memorable, funny ad that gets shared on social media, the likes and shares are much more likely to come from videos than text.

Great for SEO

According to Moovly, having videos embedded on your website can lead to a 53 times higher chance of being on page 1 of Google. Need I say more?

By implementing your “about us” or “instructions” page as a video on your site, you could greatly improve your search engine rankings, recruit more visitors, and potentially earn more money through your business.

Leaves a Lasting Impression

Off the top of your head, can you remember the opening line of this article? What about the theme song to your favorite TV show?

One of video marketing’s greatest assets is the ability for it to be remembered. As videos often contain sound, images, and text, they enlist more of the viewer’s senses, which helps to form a connection with the content. This leads to greater memorability, and a better chance that your brand will stick out in their mind.

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