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We are Wordpress<br />Website Experts

Wordpress has become ubiquitous as a website platform. What was once solely for blogging is now the “it” software used to create all types of websites, from standard brochure sites to full-fledged ecommerce websites selling thousands of products.

Wordpress is easy to use

Wordpress is easy to useWhy should you use Wordpress for your website? Wordpress is very user-friendly when it comes to making minor edits to your website, be they simple text changes or updates to images. It also makes blogging quick and easy, since Wordpress is still the preeminent blogging tool.

Wordpress has many plugins

We love Wordpress because it is an effective platform for website creation, and has many tools, aka plugins available which help in updating the site, improving search engine optimization, and ecommerce. If your website needs it, there is likely a plugin available for it.

Is it true Wordpress makes my site less secure?

With any system that has a back-end login comes some extra vulnerability, but this is true regardless of the platform. There are ways to make your site more secure, however, such as malware/virus scanning and a firewall, both of which we offer as part of our hosting services.

Wordpress Updates

Another way to ensure your site is secure is to make sure your site is using the latest version of Wordpress. An updated version is released every few weeks, and we can update it for you to maximize security.

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