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Is Instagram Right for Your Business?

InstagramSocial media marketing is becoming increasingly important for small businesses. But, with all the options out there, how do you know which is right for you? If you’re considering adding Instagram to your marketing strategy, asking yourself a few simple questions will help you decide. Continue reading

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Snapchat’s Latest Marketing Tool – Geofilters

snap chat logoSnapchat is one of the most popular new chat apps to come along in quite a while and is extremely popular with teenagers. The app is already loaded with a wide array of features specifically designed to make it more fun for everyone to use. Recently, Snapchat introduced yet another feature that is sure to be a big hit. This new feature called Geofilters and lets users share their geographical location with other users, without actually revealing where they really are. Continue reading

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5 Instagram Tips for Marketing Your Business

instagramDid you know that in January 2016, Instagram surpassed Twitter with over 300 million users? So what does that mean for you? Maybe this means rethinking your social media marketing campaign. Let’s say you already use Instagram. Are you taking full advantage of all the marketing potential it has to offer?  Whether or not Instagram is a current part of your social marketing arsenal, you might be able to benefit from these top 5 Instagram tips for supercharging your marketing plan. Continue reading

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Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

digital marketingOwning a business is no easy task. You’ve invested a lot of passion, time, and dedication into realizing your dream, and you look to the future with hope and expectation of success. To make that happen, there are some steps you can take with digital marketing to substantially grow your business using nothing but your computer. Continue reading

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“I hate Facebook! I Don’t Want to Have a Business Page!”

facebook managementI hear these words pretty often, by business owners – mostly baby boomers – who are unsure, confused, maybe even a bit scared about Facebook. “All people do is post pictures of the food they are eating! How will that help my business?” Another common comment I get is, “Facebook is social! Why should I promote my business there?” I certainly understand these sentiments, but I am here to tell you that it is still in your best interest to have a business presence on Facebook. Continue reading

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Social Media Must be Part of Your SEO Efforts

linked in social mediaA few years ago, as social media came onto the scene, many viewed it as a separate entity from search engine marketing. One could do SEO, but not social media, and vice versa, and one didn’t seem to be part of the other. Common thought at the time was that social media didn’t influence ranking.

This has changed as Google and other search engines have placed greater weight to social media in their search algorithms, and as the shift in SEO has gone away from ranking and more to increasing website visits. Now, Google sees social media activity as a measure of a company’s web presence, and this can effect search engine results. Continue reading

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Social Media Management – Best Practices

Facebook likeSocial networking is a trend that continues to grow. People place great importance on “staying connected” with friends, family, and news. Businesses have used social media for years as an effective marketing tool. Social media allows businesses to promote their products and services, keep customers informed, and reach out to prospects. If you need reliable Social media management, Watt Media can help.

Social media management is necessary if you don’t want to fall behind the competition. Creating a Facebook account and posting at random isn’t enough to fully engage followers. We know how to create powerful social media marketing campaigns.

Continue reading

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Google Dives into Social Media

google plus

A few weeks ago, Google launched Google+ (Google Plus), which is its attempt at social networking.  Google allowed a limited number of users to sign up and test drive the new platform, and yours truly was lucky enough to get a special invitation!  Google+ is simple and clean, but obviously it’s still early.  I’m sure Facebook was much simpler early on as well.  Google simplifies categorizing your contacts into different groups, or “circles,” and like Twitter, allows you to connect with someone without them connecting with you.  Overall, I like it! Continue reading

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Social Media Management Done Right

social media management

With social media being the hot thing right now, more and more companies are offering social media management, which has prompted several clients to ask us about this service. What I tell an inquiring client first is, “Social media is best done by you,” and I believe this to be true. Who better than you to represent your company at a networking event? Who better than you to promote your business? The same holds true for online networking.

Having said that, however, if you don’t want to engage in social media yourself, or don’t have the time, then second best is to pay someone else to do it, whether that means an in-house staff member or a company. Better to have someone else do it than not do it at all due to lack of time or will. Continue reading

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Social Networking – Have you Jumped in Yet?

Linkedin-64 twitter facebook

So, have you jumped into social media yet? As a business owner or manager, have you started promoting your business with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter? Or are you still intimidated by these sites, not sure what they’re all about, how to use them, doubtful about their effectiveness, or too busy with other things to make time for them?

I think most of us can agree that with the growth of social networking websites over the past few years, it appears as though this isn’t just a fad, and therefore can no longer be ignored.I speak to business owners every day who are intimidated by sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, don’t know much about them, or feel they are too busy to get involved.Take the plunge! Try it out, what’s the worst that’ll happen?

I would urge anyone to dedicate just a few minutes a day, two to three days a week, to social media. If you can’t, then have someone else in your organization do it, or hire a reputable consultant or firm to do it for you.

Keep in mind that social networking is very similar to personal networking, and you should have similar expectations from both. Just as you wouldn’t expect to go to one Chamber meeting and get business right away, don’t expect to get quick sales from sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Farming or Hunting?

An analogy I often use is that this is like farming vs. hunting. If sales calls, cold calls, direct mail, and doing trade-shows are all ways of “hunting” for sales, then personal networking, and likewise social networking, are “farming,” i.e. planting seeds for the future. You’re making connections, having conversations, getting to know people, so that when the need arises for your service or product, they will think of you. It’s all about staying in front of people so you stay on their mind.

Pick one site to start – I’d recommend Facebook for its ease of use and inherent sociability – and spend just a few minutes a few times a week on it. Fill out your profile, interact with friends and business associates, click around, have fun, and you’ll be a social networking pro in no time!

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