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Reputation & Review<br>Management

There is little doubt about the role reviews play today in consumer buying decisions. If you think about your own experience when booking a hotel, purchasing an item, or looking for a restaurant online, increasingly, others’ reviews weigh heavily.

Positive Reviews are Great!

Reputation & Review ManagementOnline reviews provide customers with the power to voice their opinions and help others make good buying decisions. For a business owner, a positive review is wonderful, something to be proud of and promote, and can lead to increased business.

Negative Reviews

A negative review, however, can make this power that consumers have seem unfair and imbalanced, especially when it can hurt your business! This is compounded by the fact that most review sites will not remove negative reviews, even if you feel they are unjust, which can leave you feeling frustrated.

Leverage the Power of Reviews

So what can Watt Media do to leverage the power of positive reviews while keeping an eye on minimizing negative reviews? We have developed a system to capture your clients’ positive reviews while alerting you to negative experiences before they have a chance to get posted online. We can also monitor your reviews on the biggest review sites. Contact us today to harness the power of online reviews!

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