On-Hold Messages

What do your callers hear when placed on-hold? More callers will inquire about your services and products after hearing your on-hold message.

Watt Media, Inc. is a full-service telephone on-hold company dedicated to helping businesses reap the benefits of on-hold messages. With this effective tool, you can:

Listen to demos of our customized on-hold recordings.

Watt Media will provide everything your business needs in order to play telephone on-hold messages and music, including:

We provide on-hold messages and music to all industries, for businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S.

Watt Media can help you educate your customers about your products and services through informative telephone on-hold messages. On-hold advertising is a tool that will allow you to capitalize on your "captive audience." Whether your callers are on-hold for one minute or five minutes, they will be entertained and informed by your professional recording, which will ultimately enhance the image of your business and increase inquiries, and therefore sales. Contact Us for a Free Quote!

To get started, we'll ask you to fill out a basic questionnaire about your business, and then we'll do the rest! Our professional script writers will customize the telephone on-hold messages by writing a script that meets the specific needs of your business. One of our professional announcers will voice your messages, and then we’ll add background music that is most appropriate for the image you would like to convey.

You can be as involved as you'd like to be in writing the script, choosing the voice and background music for your recording. Some clients prefer to choose it all themselves, while most leave it all up to us.

WattMedia offers periodic updates of your on-hold recordings so that you can keep your customers informed of new products or services, company news, or special promotions. We also offer holiday updates of your on-hold messages so you can play uplifting holiday greetings to your customers.

Even if your business or practice doesn't change much, keeping the message content fresh ensures that repeat callers pay attention. Using the same messages for months or years will make them stale and maybe even annoying! Even updating just 3 times a year will make this advertising tool extremely effective.

Our full-service approach ensures that you receive the highest-quality on-hold messages so that you will gain all the benefits of this unique advertising opportunity. Have questions? View our On-Hold FAQs page for commonly asked questions.

Here's what some of our happy clients had to say about our on-hold service:

I have been a client of Watt Media for several years now, and have been extremely happy with their service. These guys are top-notch! They remind me when it's time to update my on-hold messages every few months, making it so easy for me. They also recorded my voice-mail greeting so I have a professional image. I would recommend Watt Media to anyone looking for on-hold messages."
- Dr. Cliff Atwell, Coastal Medical and Wellness Center, Stuart, Florida

"Our customers ask specific questions about the products we promote on our on-hold messages. It has become an integral part of our marketing campaign, and the periodic updates are great. I would certainly recommend Watt-Media to any business, big or small!"
- Edie Duffy, Duffy & Lee Company, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"...On-hold messaging is a marketing tool that every business should have…I've noticed that I've been offended when I call other businesses, and all I hear is dead space while on-hold! What a travesty! Sometimes I even purposely put people on-hold for a few seconds so they can hear our on-hold advertising!"
- Dr. John Warner, DC / Colorado Health & Wellness, Denver, Colorado

"The staff at Watt-Media is fantastic! They are a professional, friendly, and creative group that attended to our businesses' unique needs. The turnaround time for our on-hold and voice-mail recordings was fast and the quality of service is exceptional. The recording sounds great and makes us look good."
- John Lewis, Sentry Termite & Pest Control, Simi Valley, California

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