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Facebook Ads For Businesses

There are over two billion (and counting) Facebook users in the world today. The enormous scope of this social media platform is a major benefit for businesses looking to expand their ad strategies. But, as with any marketing venture, it’s important to weigh Facebook’s value to businesses, especially given the breadth of social media platforms in our modern world. 

In this article, we’re provided a breakdown of what we like – and what we dislike – about Facebook ads for businesses. With this insight, you can discover how Facebook fits into your business’ marketing strategy. 

What We Like About Facebook Ads

Audience Targeting

Facebook automatically connects ads to users who are likely to be interested in it. They basically do the work of finding a target audience for you based on data including:

  • Demographics, like age and geography
  • Interests, based on the products, businesses, and even hobbies that users like
    • Shared interests with past and current customers
  • Connections with your business, both on and offline
  • Digital behavior, such as device usage and online purchases

To give you further control over who views your ads, Facebook offers “Core Audiences”. This tool allows you to make changes to your target audience and broaden or narrow your scope as needed. 

Facebook has oodles of information about its users’ likes and interests. Through Facebook marketing, you can tap into this information to create a focused, efficient media campaign.  Also remember that Facebook owns Instagram, so your ads can show on both platforms, thereby targeting users of each platform, which can be very effective.

Reach Users Directly

With a Facebook page for your business, you can display important information about your business in a concise, easy-to-read format. Your Facebook page makes it easy for users to find your phone number, business address, and website, so you’re accessible to the entire Facebook network. You can also post updates to your page easily to keep followers in the loop. 

Facebook Messenger offers another way for you to communicate directly with customers. Whether customers have questions or feedback, you can use Facebook Messenger to connect with your community and get to know your customers. 

The Downside of Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing is undoubtedly a useful tool for businesses. But, it comes with a significant downside: you have to give up complete control over how your content is displayed online. 

Once your business’ marketing content has been released into the Facebook universe, there’s no telling how it could be reposted. When you market on Facebook, you lose some degree of control over where your content goes. Users have the freedom to comment on and share content, so your business could end up being cast in a negative light. 

To maximize the success of your Facebook campaign, you need expert insight into the tools and algorithms that this platform works with. A top web marketing firm like Watt Media can ensure that you maintain control over your Facebook marketing campaign, and that it’s worthwhile for your business. 

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