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AI for writing

Can You Use AI To Write Your Blog Posts?

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart technology are becoming increasingly involved in business practices. From automating chatbots with context-based auto-replies to creating original media with art generation tools, there’s a constant effort to improve efficiency through automation – and search engine optimization (SEO) is no different.

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benefits of having a blog

Key Benefits of Adding a Blog to Your Website

Does your business’s website feature an active, engaging blog? If not, you could be missing out on crucial opportunities for growth. A blog is an asset to any company’s online presence, offering value to current and prospective consumers while improving the visibility of your site as a whole. 

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mobile app development

How Can a Customized App Boost Your Business?

These days, many consumers are using their mobile devices to explore new businesses, contact customer service, and complete purchases. With the benefit of being able to use a phone or tablet from anywhere, this trend is no surprise. But, have you made the jump to a customized app for your business? Continue reading

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email marketing campaign

Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to help reach your customers and win more sales. Whether you’re sending out tips and tricks, sale invitations, or just creating a community and culture around your brand, email marketing is a powerful tool.

The problem is that everyone has an email marketing campaign these days. That means it’s harder than ever to stand out and earn clicks. Most marketing emails end up in the digital trash without ever being opened. Continue reading

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instagram marketing

Honing Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is one of today’s biggest and most popular social media platforms. Instagram users tend to be younger than those on Facebook, and it’s used for marketing purposes by brands of all sizes. Instagram influencers also make up a portion of the notable users on this image-based app.  Continue reading

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seo plan

Why You Should Have an SEO Plan

Why Does Your Business Need An SEO Plan?

Making an SEO plan might not seem like an important step as long as you’re working on SEO tasks and keep optimization in mind. The problem is that if your SEO efforts aren’t working together, or if you don’t have a concrete goal, it’s hard to see the results from your efforts.

Worse, you might actually have SEO efforts that are working against one another and stopping your business from making progress online.

Here’s what you need to know to design your own SEO strategy, whether you’re designing SEO for a business or working on SEO optimization for a personal blog.

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seo mistakes to avoid

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO is one of the most important ways you can market yourself and your business online. It takes some time for SEO to really start showing results, but the work and wait time are worth it.

The problem is that SEO is a complicated and always-evolving process. Every time the major search engines change their algorithms or ranking system, SEO changes. You can make a whole career out of mastering and working on SEO. Continue reading

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online reviews

How Do Reviews Impact Your Business?

You may have heard that word of mouth is the best type of marketing. That may be true, but in today’s digital world, word of mouth no longer just happens face-to-face. 

Online reviews are the new normal for customers who want to recommend (or discommend) businesses to others. Unlike conventional word of mouth, online reviews give consumers access to testimonials from a broad range of customers, including those that they don’t know personally. Additionally, online review platforms make it easy to see the average customer opinion, generally in the form of stars. 

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social media trends

Social Media Trends Businesses Need To Know

Digital marketing is always evolving, and changes in social media and online ecosystems mean that businesses and marketing teams need to work hard to stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date with the latest trends online.

Gone are the days when having a good website and a Google My Business listing was good enough. Here are three of the top social media trends businesses, and business owners, need to understand in 2022 and why each is important.

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email marketing

Top Advantages Of Email Marketing

A lot of people might think that email marketing is old-fashioned and ineffective. The truth is a little different.

Your business might have to compete with more businesses than ever before when it comes to email marketing, but it’s still one of the most effective and efficient types of marketing out there.

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