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Identifying Virus and Malware Risks in Your Email Inbox

Here at WattMedia, we’ve become aware of suspicious and potentially damaging emails that are currently circulating among our clients and other website owners. These emails claim that the recipient has violated the sender’s copyright ownership, presenting a link to click that purportedly presents evidence of the copyrighted images. This link contains malware, which can present a serious security risk for you and your business. 

Cybersecurity threats are growing in number and sophistication. Understanding the signs that an email or even a comment on your website’s blog is a malware scheme will help protect you against security risks. 

Malware Red Flags

Suspicious Links

Whenever you receive an email from an unknown sender, it’s important to pause before you click. Oftentimes, in malware schemes, the message in the email is intended to concern or alarm you, as is the case of the fake copyright infringement email. If website owners become worried that they’re in legal trouble for supposedly violating another’s rights, they may be more likely to click on the link. Nonetheless, when an email contains an unknown link, never click it. 

Unknown Email Address

Hackers may use an email address that contains the name of a family member, friend, or colleague to entice you to click on the link and download harmful malware. If you receive an email from an address that contains the name of someone you know but isn’t the email address they usually send from, contact the individual first to check if they sent it themselves. 

Common Malware Extensions

Harmful files often have the extension .js or .exe. These extensions are often used to install malware, among other damaging programs. Only download files with these extensions if you’re sure of exactly where they came from.  

Protecting Yourself Against Cybersecurity Risks

While cybersecurity threats are increasing in prevalence (and will continue to do so), there are actions that you can take to protect yourself against attacks. 

Update Your Device

Keeping your computer updated will ensure that your OS and applications have the latest patches, which are updates that resolve security vulnerabilities. If your computer isn’t fully updated, it’s more vulnerable to malware attacks. 

Backup Your Device

Regularly backing up your computer system and critical files will help restore your system if it were to undergo an attack. Cloud services that offer automatic versioning are particularly helpful in cybersecurity protection, as you can recover an earlier version of your files if the most recent version is compromised. 

Stay Informed (And Inform Your Team)

Remaining informed about the latest cybersecurity risks and keeping your team educated about them is one of the best ways to avoid cyberattacks in the first place. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency offers resources that can keep you up-to-date. 

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How to Write a Business Plan for an Online Start-Up

Why should you write a business plan for an online business? Even if you are not looking for financial investors, it is an essential part of the planning of any successful business venture to lay out a clear business plan.

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When is Google AdWords Appropriate?

Google AdWordsThere are a wide variety of aspects to digital marketing that should be considered as part of your marketing strategy. A business cannot function without customers, and converting new customers is one of the most important and difficult parts of any business.

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising method where you pay for your advertisement to be placed near the top of searches, and you pay for any of those visitors clicking your link. This allows you to target specific search words and geographical locations to ensure that you are reaching your target demographic, allowing your website and service to convert them to a customer.

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Branding Your Company

branding When you think of the largest businesses in the world, you probably assign a product, logo, or even slogan to the business mentally – in other words, their branding. For example, everyone knows the Nike swoosh, the Apple logo, and Google’s G. This is referred to as “brand awareness”, and is a sign that the company has done a great job of establishing their brand by making it memorable, recognizable, and profitable.

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5 Important Tips for Growing Your Professional Network

business-networkingThere are many ways building a strong professional network can benefit your business, ranging from opening doors you never knew existed, to receiving quality feedback and advice from successful entrepreneurs. You should always be working on the development of your professional network. If you feel at a standstill or don’t know where to start, these five network boosting tips might be helpful. Continue reading

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Marketing Your Small Business Successfully

marketingA sound marketing strategy can put your small business in the public mind and eye of the community. The labyrinth of marketing may seem intimidating when reviewing your options. Fiscal aspects and optimal results are often factors in deciding which marketing method you will choose, and in this millennial age, we have a plethora of marketing means and tools at our disposal. Continue reading

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Google Apps for Work – What’s in It for You?

GoogleHave you heard of Google Apps for Work? This is a cloud-based (online) suite of tools designed specifically for office use and includes online access to a number of important and highly useful apps, including a calendar, email, documents, and many more. Currently, Google Apps for Work is in use by more than 5 million businesses and educational facilities around the world.

Features of Google Apps for Work

In order to convince a business customer to make the switch from their current business app provider, companies like Google have to offer several compelling reasons. After all, making a change like this typically involves some form of learning curve that can affect the company’s ability to service their customers in a timely fashion.  Continue reading

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Top 5 Most Common Small Business Mistakes You Can Avoid

business mistakeStarting a business takes a lot of work and is often a huge learning process. It’s normal to make a few mistakes along the way. Sometimes these mistakes can help you improve, or teach you lessons that prevent you from making larger mistakes down the road. Other times, business owners make mistakes that could cripple their business, or at the very least make a mess that takes a lot of work and time to clean up.

To help you avoid common small business mishaps, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most common and detrimental mistakes small business owners make. Continue reading

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Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

digital marketingOwning a business is no easy task. You’ve invested a lot of passion, time, and dedication into realizing your dream, and you look to the future with hope and expectation of success. To make that happen, there are some steps you can take with digital marketing to substantially grow your business using nothing but your computer. Continue reading

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What if You Had to Start All Over Again?

lawn mowingRecently I found myself day dreaming about what I would do if I had to start all over again. If for whatever reason my business closed, or I sold it, and I found myself having to start from scratch, what would I do? I would start another business – that much I know. But what type of business? How would I get the word out? How would I get it off the ground? Continue reading

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