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Google Apps for Work – What’s in It for You?

GoogleHave you heard of Google Apps for Work? This is a cloud-based (online) suite of tools designed specifically for office use and includes online access to a number of important and highly useful apps, including a calendar, email, documents, and many more. Currently, Google Apps for Work is in use by more than 5 million businesses and educational facilities around the world.

Features of Google Apps for Work

In order to convince a business customer to make the switch from their current business app provider, companies like Google have to offer several compelling reasons. After all, making a change like this typically involves some form of learning curve that can affect the company’s ability to service their customers in a timely fashion. 

The current trend of “Software as a Service” has led to the development of services such as Microsoft 365 which offers a large suite of applications for a monthly fee. To counter this, the Google Apps for Work offers customers an extremely stable and secure platform that includes intuitive and powerful applications such as:

  • Gmail for Business
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Vault
  • Google Sites

Gmail for Business

Gmail for Business has a lot to offer including a full, 30 GB of expandable storage capacity for each user in your business. You and your employees can access email from virtually any device. You also get features like IM, integrated email, and fully functional voice and video chat.

Google Calendar

With Google’s web-based calendar, your employees can collaborate on schedules, making it much easier for them to work together more efficiently. This will help reduce time wasting and costs.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a web-based application similar to Office 365 which includes, documents, drawings, spreadsheets, and lets you create presentations. This app also lets multiple users work together on a single project at the same time.

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you store work online, where it can be accessed by anyone who has been invited to be part of the project. The drive can be accessed from the Google web browser, the Google drive client, or on the go via the Google Drive mobile app.

Google Vault

This optional add-on lets you add an archive, gives you a range of information governance capabilities, and offers e-discovery.

Google Sites

Google Sites provides a simple method of creating secure web pages that can be used on your intranet and within team projects without the need for HTML or coding.

Final Thoughts

One of the most appealing aspects of Google Apps for work is the dramatically lower cost of ownership. You will not find any hidden maintenance costs, nor are there any upgrade fees to worry about. Since Google will be the one to host all of your data, this can also help to reduce your costs by eliminating much of your current data storage needs. Most importantly of all, since Google is hosting your data, it is far more secure than it would be on most corporate servers.

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