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Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to help reach your customers and win more sales. Whether you’re sending out tips and tricks, sale invitations, or just creating a community and culture around your brand, email marketing is a powerful tool.

The problem is that everyone has an email marketing campaign these days. That means it’s harder than ever to stand out and earn clicks. Most marketing emails end up in the digital trash without ever being opened. Continue reading

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Top Advantages Of Email Marketing

A lot of people might think that email marketing is old-fashioned and ineffective. The truth is a little different.

Your business might have to compete with more businesses than ever before when it comes to email marketing, but it’s still one of the most effective and efficient types of marketing out there.

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3 Best Email Marketing Platforms

If you run an online business, then you need to be taking advantage of email marketing. Email marketing has some of the highest ROI in the entire industry and even the largest companies rely on email as a major plank of their marketing efforts.

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email marketing

Email Marketing To Support Your Business

Email marketing is overlooked all too often by businesses looking to connect with current and potential clients. While we’re always looking for the next “big thing” in marketing, email campaigns are a tried-and-true method. This marketing tactic will produce real results for your company, both now and in the future. 

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Effective Email Marketing

email marketingMarketing is a core fundamental of any successful business. The saying “you need to spend money to make money” is true for most businesses. However, there’s no guarantee that spending money on advertising will pay off. Finding the right marketing avenue to give you the best return on your dollar can be the difference between turning a profit or going sideways.

When it comes to finding a wide-reaching, low-cost, and effective form of marketing to help your business grow, email marketing can be the solution.

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Does Email Marketing Work?

email marketingWe have all heard it before. Would you like to provide your email address to receive coupons and information on upcoming sales?  That question is asked at almost every major department store you step foot in. Most people state their email address, take their merchandise, and head on to their next destination. They don’t realize that by providing an email address they are opening many doors for marketing opportunities. So does email marketing actually work? Here are three good reasons why email marketing is a successful practice. Continue reading

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Turn E-mail Leads Into Sales When Telemarketing

In the course of making cold calls, it’s inevitable to be asked to send your info via e-mail so that the prospect can look it over before making a decision. Although this can be frustrating to the telemarketer, who obviously prefers to make an immediate sale, this can be turned into an opportunity.

Rather than just send the e-mail and do the normal follow-up, why not compile all these e-mail leads, and use them for e-mail marketing? Add them to your monthly or quarterly e-mail newsletter list. E-mail marketing is extrememly effective, and some prospects may respond better to that medium. Plus, if they’re not ready to commit now, your e-mails will keep you on their mind and when they are ready, they will remember you and you will likely get the sale.

Remember, though – getting someone’s e-mail is not your goal on the phone – making a sale is. But when you have no choice but to get the e-mail, do not despair – send them your info, and then keep that e-mail on file for future use!

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Survey Your Customers via E-mail

Want to improve your customer service? Looking to offer a new service but not sure what the response will be? Are you curious to know what your customers are thinking? Conducting an e-mail survey may prove to be very effective for you.

E-mail marketing is very affordable and a short survey can be a real-eye opener. I recently e-mailed all of my company’s clients a 4-question survey about a possible new service offering, and got some very different results than I had anticipated, which saved us money and helped us decide on a different course of action than we had originally planned on taking.

Here are some tips for your next e-mail survey:

Keep it short. No one wants to fill out a long, time-consuming survey. If you want your customers or prospects to participate, keep it at 5 or 6 questions.

Ask follow-up questions. Often, asking “Why?” as a follow up to a question can give you some insight as to why someone feels a certain way.

Consider offering an incentive. It may be worthwhile to offer a free gift for anyone who participates in your survey. You’ll get many more participants, and the information gained could save you money and be very valuable in many other ways.

Ensure your customers’ anonymity. Make your survey recipients feel comfortable with answering honestly by stating that their answers will remain 100% anonymous. Otherwise, you may not get the whole truth.

Lead them to your website. When the survey is complete, take the participant to a “thank you” page on your website, where she may browse your site and find offers and services that she may have been unaware of.

Don’t overdo it. Don’t send surveys to the same people too often – they may not participate if you overdo it. Once or twice a year is plenty.

Track your results. What are the results of your survey? What do they mean? What is your plan of action? What will you do – or not do – as a result of the answers you received?

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E-mail Marketing Tips

E-mail marketing is an extremely effective way to get in front of your prospects, send a message, and eventually turn some of those prospects into customers. It is among my favorite forms of advertising, because it’s a subtle way to get your message to them – no gatekeeper, no annoying phone call interrupting their day. If they don’t want to read it right away, they can leave the e-mail in their inbox for later. Here are some ideas for an effective e-mail marketing campaign.

Send monthly e-mails. Vary the length – some can be newsletters, some more like flyers, but in general keep them short and to the point. Some companies send weekly e-newsletters – for me, that’s too many – but it may work in some circumstances.

Offer something other than a sales pitch. Don’t just be selling, selling, selling. Offer your readers some interesting information, some free advice, some educational material. A link to an interesting website works. If you give value, this will make your e-mail more likely to be read, so when you do send something a bit salesy, you increase the chances that it eill be read too.

Always have links to your website. Your e-mail newsletter or flyer should always include links to your website, blog, and e-mail address.

Use contests or interesting surveys. Contests motivate people to action. Try a creative contest or survey.

Include a coupon or special. Give your readers an incentive to call or e-mail you.

Give these a try! Want to subscribe to our newsletter? Call me at 1-800-250-8233 and I’ll sign you up.

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