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Does Email Marketing Work?

email marketingWe have all heard it before. Would you like to provide your email address to receive coupons and information on upcoming sales?  That question is asked at almost every major department store you step foot in. Most people state their email address, take their merchandise, and head on to their next destination. They don’t realize that by providing an email address they are opening many doors for marketing opportunities. So does email marketing actually work? Here are three good reasons why email marketing is a successful practice.

Subject Lines

Unlike snail mail, email has a secret weapon; The Subject Line. When an individual receives paper mail from a company, chances are it will get thrown in the junk pile or even tossed in the trash without being opened. However, when that individual logs on to their email account and sees an email from their favorite store with the words “Sale,” or “Coupon,” in the subject line, they are likely to open it and see what it’s all about. If the sale or coupon being offered interests them, they are likely to shop or order from that store.


Many stores are now including coupons in their emails. In a world of smartphones, this is as convenient as it gets. Emails allow the consumers to have coupons right at their fingertips without having to even pull out a pair of scissors. Many times, the cashier can even scan the coupon right off of the screen of a cellphone. Not only does this reduce the amount of bulk that a shopper has to carry, but it allows them to have all of the coupons located in one, easy to find email.

Online Pitching

For those online shoppers who do all of their buying on the comfort of their couch, email can be a very useful tool. These companies, after monitoring your buying habits on their website, can send you advertisements for products similar to those you have purchased before. (Example: someone buys a steel tumbler cup on the internet and the company sends them email about steel straws to go with the cup or replacement lids).

In a world that is run by technology, email marketing makes sense. The techniques above, as well as many others, are guaranteed to get companies the attention they are seeking. So, is email marketing really effective? The answer is pretty obvious! Yes!

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