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Turn E-mail Leads Into Sales When Telemarketing

In the course of making cold calls, it’s inevitable to be asked to send your info via e-mail so that the prospect can look it over before making a decision. Although this can be frustrating to the telemarketer, who obviously prefers to make an immediate sale, this can be turned into an opportunity.

Rather than just send the e-mail and do the normal follow-up, why not compile all these e-mail leads, and use them for e-mail marketing? Add them to your monthly or quarterly e-mail newsletter list. E-mail marketing is extrememly effective, and some prospects may respond better to that medium. Plus, if they’re not ready to commit now, your e-mails will keep you on their mind and when they are ready, they will remember you and you will likely get the sale.

Remember, though – getting someone’s e-mail is not your goal on the phone – making a sale is. But when you have no choice but to get the e-mail, do not despair – send them your info, and then keep that e-mail on file for future use!

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