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Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to help reach your customers and win more sales. Whether you’re sending out tips and tricks, sale invitations, or just creating a community and culture around your brand, email marketing is a powerful tool.

The problem is that everyone has an email marketing campaign these days. That means it’s harder than ever to stand out and earn clicks. Most marketing emails end up in the digital trash without ever being opened.

Here are three simple tips to help your email marketing stand out and to make it genuinely worth your audience’s time to open and read.

Open With a Welcome Email

Welcoming emails are one of those things that might not feel necessary to you or your marketing team, but that gets significantly better results than the alternative.

Your customers are significantly more likely to open a welcoming email compared with any other marketing email you send them. But if your welcoming email is well-written and worth their time you can increase the chances that they’ll open future emails.

Welcome emails are also a good way to help make sure your audience feels appreciated – which can help them come back for more.

Tap Into Your Audience’s Emotions In Your Subject Line

Subject lines are way more important than most people think. Remember, most marketing emails aren’t even opened. Why? Because there isn’t anything in the subject line that’s interesting enough to catch your audience’s attention.

There are several key emotions you should try to capture in your subject lines:

  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Curiosity
  • Brand Emotions

The last one, brand emotions, is a little more complicated. But, if your brand is appealing to people interested in fitness, environmentalism, or luxury goods, some specific emotions go with those identities.

Take fitness as an example. Strength, ambition, and motivation are often powerful emotions for that audience, which means they’re powerful emotions to include in your email subject lines.

Keep Your Marketing Copy Fun and Interesting

Even the best subject line is still going to fail if the content included inside the email isn’t interesting and engaging.

Try to keep things fun, informative, and worth the time it takes to read. Add value with promotional offers, exclusive tips, and other things that help your readers feel rewarded for taking the time to open your email.

Most importantly, if you don’t think an email is worth the time it takes to read, much less the time it takes to create and send, don’t send it.

A missed boring email is better than a sent boring email any day. Why?

Because every bad email decreases the chances that those readers will open your future emails.

Bonus! Try A/B Testing

This article promised 3 tips to boost your email success. Well, here’s a bonus fourth tip.

If you’re struggling to succeed with email marketing, think about implementing A/B testing.

A/B testing is relatively simple. Just send two different versions of an email to different people in your audience. Pay attention to the metrics of both emails, and see which one performs better.

The trick is that you need to make only small changes between emails. Maybe one has a different picture, or you use two different subject lines with the same copy. That way you can refine what works and doesn’t work with your specific audience.

Of course, if that sounds like too much work you can always contact Watt Media for help with digital marketing. Or, if you’re looking for more tips and tricks, visit our blog to learn the latest marketing and web design tips for businesses like yours.


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