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5 Digital Marketing Tips

digital marketingIt’s that time again…time to examine your digital marketing strategies to determine what’s working, what isn’t…and what’s new! A good digital strategy includes your business objectives, targeted audience, and cost-effective means for facilitating your time and resources while applying the latest trends and techniques.

As you plan, consider these 5 tips for a successful year:


  1. Include video into your digital marketing.

Adding a live feed into your marketing efforts is nothing new, but it’s growing rapidly. By inserting a video to demonstrate your company’s product or service, you can ingeniously impact the way consumers grasp the message you are trying to communicate. In today’s fast-paced society, most consumers are visual, preferring to watch a quick video over taking the time to read a blog in many cases.


  1. Take your Facebook marketing to the next level.


Facebook is an interactive tool that goes beyond daily posts. Ads  can help boost your reach to consumers. Facebook ads allow you to target specific consumers and determine your spending budget. The key is to create inviting, interactive ads that compel consumers to click and provide you with their information.


Facebook Messenger allows you to directly communicate with consumers and receive immediate feedback.  This allows companies to answer consumer questions and concerns and then offer a product or service.


  1. Stay on top of SEO.

SEO is not going anywhere.  Your best bet…do the research and/or hire a reputable marketing firm to optimize your site’s content to meet Google’s standards.  Keep in mind…Google is constantly changing the rules, so you need a trustworthy marketing rep to maintain your site’s SEO presence.


  1. Integrate storytelling into the mix.

Successful storytelling gives your customer a problem followed by a solution that only your product or service can provide. Effective storytelling “gets real” with consumers by presenting everyday issues that they can relate to and then offering a solution to make the problem go away.


  1. Update your website.

Current information is always the best information.  It’s important to keep your site’s content updated regularly.  There’s nothing worse than having a customer try to purchase something from your website that you stopped carrying 6 months prior. If you stop selling a product, immediately remove it from the site.


Furthermore, you’ll want to perform a yearly “freshener” to your website to update graphics and text to keep your website fresh and user-friendly.


These are just a few tips to consider for your digital marketing plan to give your business a boost.

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