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How Often to Post on Social Media Platforms

Modern online marketing hinges on social media to build a follower base and boost company awareness. While the task of maintaining your company’s social media accounts may sound straightforward, there are many nuances to consider in social media management. From your existing follower base to your business size and your ultimate marketing goals, multiple factors should be incorporated into your social media strategy.

Here, we’ll review the key factors to consider when it comes to social media post frequency for a business. You may be surprised at what studies reveal to be the most effective social media marketing strategies. 

Numbers Matter in Your Follower Base

For small businesses, less is more when it comes to social media posts. Research has shown that twice daily posts on Facebook will actually halve the amount of clicks that you receive per post if your account has under 10,000 followers. This could seem strange, but it’s logical when you consider that people tend to scroll past posts from accounts that pop up frequently. Instead, businesses with a small to moderate number followers should post 1-3 times per week. This will increase the number of clicks that you receive per post and result in greater website traffic. 

If your business boasts over 10,000 followers, you’ll need to build your social media tactics accordingly. For example, you’ll want to post twice per day on Facebook. For pages with thousands of followers, this frequency is effective in generating traffic for both your website and social media pages. Generally, larger follower bases across all social media platforms mean that you’ll experience optimal engagement by posting at least once or twice per day. 

Differing Strategies for Twitter and Instagram

Twitter works differently than Facebook, and a large volume of daily posts won’t negatively impact your follower engagement. So, aim to tweet one to five times per day for your business to increase awareness and follower activity on your account. 

When you consider Instagram for your business, success comes from a different angle than other social media platforms. While the pure number of posts per day makes all the difference for Facebook and Twitter, Instagram hinges on regularity. In other words, you should focus on when and how you post on Instagram, not how much. Of course, the amount that you post does matter, but maintaining and gaining followers relies on posting consistently. So, choose a frequency that makes sense for your business (we recommend one to two posts per day for the average business), select exact times of day to post, and stick to that schedule. If your business drops off and doesn’t post for a few days, you’ll risk losing followers. 

Only Post High-Quality Content.

There’s an immense and ever-expanding amount of content on social media platforms today. The amount of content that consumers take in with a single visit to their social media feed is colossal. So, to catch people’s eyes and keep them coming back for more, the content that you post has to be of a high, competitive quality. 

Focus on the purpose of a post: is it informative, exciting, unique, or visually interesting? The post should add value to your business page as a whole. If a post seems irrelevant or comes across as unprofessional in any capacity, nix it. The culmination of all of your social media posts determine your company’s online presence, and must be strong. 


Social media for your business is what you make it. It can be a nuisance, or it can be a priceless tool for increasing online awareness and engagement with your business. Use the information provided here as a starting point to create an individual social media plan for your company. 




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