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Using Social Media Platforms to Advertise

Updated on 2/18/22

Social media has become a valuable tool for companies. They present new ways to reach customers and build a brand. With all of the different social media platforms that people use, the ones that your company uses the most will depend on the kind of business it is and the customers you want to reach.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and all companies should consider having a Facebook page. This page not only gives a place to provide basic information about your company, like operating hours and contact information, it can also be a great way to advertise.

As a popular site, advertising on Facebook is a crowded field. You can specify the demographics of your target audience so there’s a better chance that potential customers see your ad. The demographic specifications can go from age and location to liking other pages so you can be creative with how you reach new customers.

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Another popular social media site, Instagram focuses on sharing pictures. An Instagram page is a great way to share pictures of your product and show how it can be used. This kind of advertising is especially useful for clothing and other products that are best advertised visually.

Reaching the right demographics on Instagram is similar to reaching them on Facebook. You can adjust demographics as broadly as age and location to reaching people who interact with products that are similar to yours. Instagram makes it easy to showcase your products to customers who would be interested in them.


While not typically thought of as a popular way to advertise, it does have millions of active users. Linkedin is designed to help professionals network with other people in their field, with this in mind you can use Linkedin as company outreach to attract new customers.

With Linkedin, you should not only use demographic outreach to reach the right kind of customers, but you should also focus on creating high-quality content. People who use Linkedin want information that’s relevant and useful to them. This can be difficult to account for but by optimizing your business profile and using the right keywords, your business will be able to reach the right customer base.

Social media has become a regular facet of most of our lives. It’s a way to connect with friends and family who live near and far. For companies, it can be a way to advertise and reach new customers. Even social media sites that are not traditionally thought of for advertising purposes can be used to reach the right people if used correctly.

Every social media site has a different demographic that uses it. To ensure that you’re reaching the right people, you should be prepared to have different social media profiles for your company and know how to use them. Social media advertising is an important tool that should not be neglected.       

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