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Top Google SEO Ranking Factors of 2017

Since its creation, Google’s core search algorithm has offered the most relevant search results quickly and effectively. As efficient as their search engine is, Google is determined to add constant advancement to their search algorithm. When keeping your site up-to-date, you cannot rely on last year’s SEO ranking factors. When using SEO in 2017, it is best to use the most current ranking factors. While the entire list of ranking factors is enormous, here are a few of the most important. Continue reading

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Boost Your PR Using Interactive Content

interactive contentAre you having difficulty getting noticed? If your brand is sinking in a sea of adds, you might feel your business is about to take its last breath. But luckily for you, we’re about to throw you a PR life preserver, through the use of interactive content!

Advertisements are everywhere, and your customers are getting great at seeing past all the hype. The best way to reach them isn’t by throwing more of the same at them, but by being different and really engaging your potential customer. The best way to do this? Interactive Content. Continue reading

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How to Deal with Negative Reviews

negative-reviewsYou’ve worked hard to build your business, one happy customer at a time. So, when a bad review comes along, protesting to the world that your business is lacking in some way, it can be very hurtful – and frightening. Poor online reviews can damage your reputation, costing you big time if they aren’t dealt with the right way. But, when handled well, you might be surprised to find that bad reviews can actually be a good thing. Read on to learn how. Continue reading

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Why Website Content is Important

website contentIn today’s market, having a business website is a must. But, knowing how to best build and maintain your website isn’t always so easy. In the digital marketing world, “content is key” is a well-known saying, but for those not familiar with website content best practices, this phrase doesn’t carry a lot of weight – and it might even prompt a lot of questioning. If you’re like many business owners, you probably have some questions yourself. Read on for some simple but powerful answers to your important web content questions! Continue reading

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Why Blogging is Good for Business

bloggingIt seems like everyone has a blog these days – even businesses. If you’re like many, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. “Is it really necessary to have a blog about my dental practice? Who reads that?” The truth is, from auto shops to website design firms – no matter what business you’re in, blogging can be of great benefit. Here’s why: Continue reading

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SEO Takes Time

clockIn the not too distant past, creating SEO content that worked – and worked quite quickly – was fairly simple. All you had to do was have web content created with the keywords relevant to your particular business, and as long as the competition wasn’t too fierce, you were bound to succeed. Typically, this meant creating a list of up to 10 “golden keywords” and you could almost count on traffic finding you. Continue reading

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What is Search Engine Marketing, and Do I Need it?

search engine marketingAs a business owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of great marketing. In a time where everything has “gone digital,” tech-savvy marketing is crucial; even the smallest business owner is expected to have a website these days. With that comes a seemingly endless to-do list that can confuse even the most seasoned business owner. You can easily become overwhelmed by all the search engine marketing jargon out there. SEO, SMM, SEM, CPC, PPC — what does it all mean? Do I need it, and if so… how do I do it?

Delving into the what and hows of every form of digital marketing takes time, dedication, and experience. For our purposes here, let’s take a look at one of the most critical forms of digital marketing. One that guarantees effective, fast results — search engine marketing aka, SEM. Continue reading

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Link Building for SEO is All About PR

link building iconOne of the most important  factors for your site’s search engine ranking is the number of links pointing to your site from external websites. In essence, Google and other search engines feel that the more links a site has, the more established, relevant, and important it must be, therefore it should rank higher. Since having links has become very important, therefore attaining links, otherwise known as “link building,” has become a basic practice of SEO work.  Continue reading

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Beware of Cheap Content for SEO


SEO content on the cheap

Nothing is more important for SEO than good content, and there are many options for getting content written cheaply. I use the word “cheap” for a reason, because it’s worse than inexpensive – this SEO content is downright cheap, or even free, and should be avoided.

One such option is the use of article spinning software, where you enter several keywords you’d like your article to have, and then a program produces an article, usually by scouring the web for content. Another one allows you to enter an original article and then rewrites it, using synonyms for words. In both cases, the result is pure garbage, and usually has grammatical errors and doesn’t read well. Continue reading

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Social Media Must be Part of Your SEO Efforts

linked in social mediaA few years ago, as social media came onto the scene, many viewed it as a separate entity from search engine marketing. One could do SEO, but not social media, and vice versa, and one didn’t seem to be part of the other. Common thought at the time was that social media didn’t influence ranking.

This has changed as Google and other search engines have placed greater weight to social media in their search algorithms, and as the shift in SEO has gone away from ranking and more to increasing website visits. Now, Google sees social media activity as a measure of a company’s web presence, and this can effect search engine results. Continue reading

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