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Strengthen Your SEO Campaign With Link Building

SEO isn’t all about keyword optimization. There are several known strategies for bumping up your website’s rank on the major search engines to increase traffic. Link building is one of these strategies, and while it’s not as commonly understood as keyword optimization, it can give your digital marketing campaign an enormous boost. Here, we’ll cover the basics of link building so that you can consider incorporating it in your website’s marketing plan. 

What is Link Building?

Link building is quite a simple concept to understand, though it can be tricky to execute. It’s the method of getting links leading back to your own website stationed on other websites. These links will direct web users to your site for increased traffic and awareness of your brand. 

The process of getting your links established on other websites starts with the promotion of your brand. You’ll reach out to other reputable websites within your industry to tell them about your own website and why they should promote it to their readers. The link will need to be relevant to the content on the page and interest the other website’s audience. A link to your website must add value to the content for a website owner to consider it. 

Tips For Link Building to Boost Your Visibility

Quality Should Be Your Priority

One of the key goals of link building is to establish your website as an authority in its field. To do this, you need your site links to be found on prominent, respected websites. When a trusted website links back to you, visitors will automatically be more likely to have confidence in your brand. Plus, links on high-quality websites carry much more weight in search engine rankings than those on unreputable sites. 

…But Quantity Matters, too

When it comes to rankings, major search engines like Google take the number, not just the quality,  of links leading to your site into account. So, while quality should be your main concern, a thorough and active link building campaign is the key to success. 

Value Relationships Made Through Link Building

Link building can benefit your business beyond web ranking by developing strong relationships with others in your industry. These relationships are made through the outreach that’s required to establish your links on other sites, and they could lead to meaningful collaborations in the future. Plus, being connected to other big names in your field further improves your own site’s reputation – an asset that should never be undervalued.

An experienced web marketing firm like WattMedia can take care of link building for you to ensure its success. With an effective link building campaign, you can increase your site’s traffic, brand awareness, and search engine ranking all at once. 

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