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Building Your Online Presence: Where to Start

For any business, an online marketing strategy is a must. Social media platforms, blogs, and search engine results are central to consumers across all industries, which further underlines the need for your business to maintain an online presence.

If you’re new to the idea of digital marketing, getting started can seem like an overwhelming project to take on. But, it’s an essential step in staying competitive as a business in any field. Thankfully, building your online presence from the ground up isn’t as exhaustive a task as you may first expect. While it will take planning, organization, and creative thinking, growing your businesses’ digital strategy is attainable at any stage. 

Here, we’ll review three key online marketing tactics for businesses that are new to digital marketing. No matter your level of experience or the scope of resources available to you, you can devise a promotional online presence for your business. 

Create An SEO-Driven Blog

A blog is a major asset to any company today. It provides a medium through which you can connect with potential customers, post valuable information relating to your product or service, and gradually gain prominence as an online entity. Plus, blogs are straightforward to develop and can easily be tacked onto your existing website. 

Blogs are an ideal way to use SEO for your benefit. SEO, or search engine optimization, can increase your website visibility, eventually leading to more site visitors and potential customers. You can use SEO keywords in your blog content to draw interested web surfers to your products.

Manage Active Social Media Accounts

Social media is an undeniable force in today’s markets. From evaluating and predicting consumer wants to enhancing brand exposure, you can successfully grow your business simply by managing active social media accounts. The key to this is to first determine your target audience. This will help you decide where to place your efforts, whether it be on information-driven or visually appealing  content. Of course, we should aim for both substantial and aesthetically pleasing content, but honing in on your audience will effectively guide your social media strategy. 

When you consider social media for your business, approach each platform differently. While there should be consistency among each of your social media accounts, you should also consider how to best utilize the advantages of Facebook over Instagram, for example. Instagram can act as a fantastic platform to introduce a visually striking new product, while Facebook may enable you to update followers on company events and sales. 

Develop Original Content

The idea that your online content should be original is constantly harped on, but with good reason. Why should a consumer follow your blog or social media accounts over one of your competitors? To answer this question, solidify what differentiates you as a brand. Perhaps you have an underlying philanthropic focus that consumers can relate to. Maybe you go against industry norms and pride yourself on being “the rebel”. Whatever your defining characteristic is, embrace it, then incorporate it into all of your online marketing. 

Whether you like it or not, the Internet rules in the market today. Consumers are absorbed in blogs and social media, with online content often determining their buying habits and decisions. If you have yet to develop an online presence for your business, consider it an exciting opportunity to grow your brand. Far from a tedious marketing task, this is a chance for you to introduce your business to consumers all over the world.

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