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Social Media Stories

Facebook and Instagram stories are broadening the volume and type of content that social media pages can present. When you add a photo or video to your story, it will be visible for just 24 hours, making it less of a commitment than a full post. Despite being available for just a limited period of time, your story is a great way to interact with your followers. 

For businesses, an active social media story is a fantastic marketing tool. When you regularly post to your story, your social media pages appear far more active and have a better shot at luring in new followers. 

Here, we’ll explore more ways in which your social media story can contribute to your online marketing campaign. 

More Content Leads To More Followers

Stories allow you to present new content to your following at a more rapid pace than full posts. Between the main posts on your social media page, you can update your story with news clips, casual snapshots of your day-to-day work, videos, and any other content that’s relevant to your marketing campaign. The content on your story can be more casual than the posts on your page, which gives you the freedom to explore and try new things.

Greater Visibility

When you’re posting new content to your story at a regular pace, you can boost social media users’ awareness of your brand more effectively. Specifically, in that time between your official posts, the content on your story will keep your brand at the forefront of users’ minds. 

On both Facebook and Instagram, stories are presented at the very top of the page. Your followers won’t have to scroll to find your story, making it more likely that they’ll see it and interact with it. Instagram algorithms are making it harder and harder to keep your posts visible, making the opportunity to post content to your story all the more valuable. 

A Platform For Breaking News

Breaking news related to your business – such as a feature in a publication, the release of a new product, a store relocation or renovation, etc. – can bring buzz to your social media pages. Specifically, adding breaking news to your story is a great way to ensure that followers see it ASAP. Plus, if you want to create a full post about the news story, adding it to your story first gives you the time to polish the full post until it’s as good as it can be. 

Utilize Real-Time Social Media Marketing 

Facebook and Instagram stories give you the opportunity to post live content. This is especially useful during special events, as you can keep your entire following in-the-loop, even if they’re not in attendance. Occasionally posting live content can also make your brand stand out, given that live content is less common on social media platforms than regular content. 

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