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Snapchat’s Latest Marketing Tool – Geofilters

snap chat logoSnapchat is one of the most popular new chat apps to come along in quite a while and is extremely popular with teenagers. The app is already loaded with a wide array of features specifically designed to make it more fun for everyone to use. Recently, Snapchat introduced yet another feature that is sure to be a big hit. This new feature called Geofilters and lets users share their geographical location with other users, without actually revealing where they really are.

Two Different Types of Geofilters

Betting on the fact that this new feature is going to be a big hit, Snapchat has actually introduced two versions. The first is the Personal Geofilter that can be used to celebrate special events in your life such as birthdays or anniversaries. This particular Geofilter does not promote any type of business or brand nor will there be any business logos or brand names.

If you want this type of information, you will need to use a Business Geofilter. These are the ones that can be used to display your business brand or logo. They can also be used to promote businesses or brand names.  Bear in mind that if you plan to create any type of business filter, you need to have the consent of the business in question and you must have a business name when buying the filter.

Limitations of Geofilters

No matter what type of Geofilter you plan to purchase and use, there are four different things it must not contain. These are:

  • Photographs of people
  • URLs
  • Email addresses
  • Phone Numbers

So if you want your Geofilter to be successful, you are going to have to be creative. You should also submit your filters several days before you plan to use them. They have to be approved by Snapchat in order for you to use them, and there is always the possibility that your filter might be rejected. Submitting them early gives you time to make any necessary changes.

Your Snapchat Geofilter must cover an area of between 20,000 and 50 million square feet. Any more or less will be rejected and will have to be adjusted and resubmitted for approval. Your filter can only remain active for a maximum of 30 days.

Geofilters offer both personal and business users an amazing tool designed to let you advertise your next important event or business to a wide audience. Be sure to check your Snapchat to see if your location has been added to their database and start making use of this amazing marketing feature.

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