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Building An Optimized Landing Page

If you conduct business online, optimized landing pages should be essential components of your digital marketing strategy. Landing pages provide potential customers with an overview of an offer or product when they click on an advertisement or email link. While a landing page has the potential to turn website visitors into customer leads, the page must be created strategically to do so. 

Here are the key components to include in building an effective landing page for your business:

Straightforward Navigation

Given that a landing page focuses solely on one offer or product, it should be as streamlined as possible. Clutter, whether in the form of excess text, photos, or graphics, will only distract visitors from the focus of the page. All of the text, visuals, and links on the landing page should pertain to the offer at hand – everything else should be left off. 

Mobile Accessibility

While the navigation of your landing page needs to be intuitive on a computer, considering how it appears on mobile devices is also key. Consumers today spend much of their time online with a mobile device. So, with mobile traffic being higher than ever, your website should look good and function well on any device. 

Concise, Informative Text

Brief, high-quality content is a valuable aspect of an effective landing page. To capture your visitors’ interest and communicate the benefits of the offer, you’ll need eye-catching, easy-to-read text. Visitors should be able to simply scan the text on the page to understand the offer, so try breaking up the content with headlines, lists, and bullet points. In today’s day and age, a little goes a long way when it comes to text in digital marketing. 

Noteworthy Visuals

Striking visuals are a crucial digital marketing tool and should be included in your landing page. Images and graphics function to strengthen your brand’s image, giving potential customers a sense of what your company’s all about. Especially when you’re introducing a product to website visitors, as is the case with a landing page, visuals can be used to illustrate the value of your offer. Images can also be tagged, bolstering the SEO of your landing page and helping to draw leads to your site. 

If possible, use images that are unique to your business for your landing page – not just stock photos. Original images will make your customers feel more connected to your brand and, thus, more likely to invest in your product. 

To make the most of your company’s landing page, contact Watt Media today. We specialize in website design, SEO, and social media services in South Florida. 

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