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What if You Had to Start All Over Again?

lawn mowingRecently I found myself day dreaming about what I would do if I had to start all over again. If for whatever reason my business closed, or I sold it, and I found myself having to start from scratch, what would I do? I would start another business – that much I know. But what type of business? How would I get the word out? How would I get it off the ground?

I decided I would start a landscaping business. How would I start? I own a lawn mower and weed-wacker, and I would print hundreds of flyers and go door to door and put them in every mailbox. After a day or two of leaving flyers, I figure I’d get some calls. I would then show up with my equipment and mow their lawn. I’d be personable and professional – someone people would want to hire.

After a few weeks my days would get booked up. If a happy client happened to be a business owner, I might get some commercial work as well. I would offer pool maintenance also, and pursue that clientele too. Word would spread, and before long my days would be booked. I would learn what I would need to learn…how to do professional landscaping, how to fix a pool pump, and I would use whatever resources are available to me to get the jobs done and expand my services.

Then, I would bring on an employee and use the same steps to fill his day up. And then another, and another. Eventually, I would be managing a team. We would have professional equipment and be an established business. It wouldn’t be easy, but I have no doubt that I could do it.

So that got me thinking…I still have my web marketing business. Am I using all of my resources now? Am I getting the word out, with a passion the way I would if I had started a brand new venture? Why not start canvassing, or hire someone to do so, to spread the word about us? Why not use the same energy and excitement that a new business has when launching, to take this existing business to the next level.

So I have put this into action, and now we are fired up, doing all the small things we often forget to do when we become complacent and stagnant.  How energized are you about your business? Have you settled into a rut? Are you getting the word out? Get as passionate as your would if you were starting all over again.


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