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How Website Design Can Boost Traffic

For many websites and online businesses, traffic is like lifeblood. After all, the more traffic you can maintain, the higher your chances of consistent lead generation and sales. On the flip side, insufficient traffic means that your content and products aren’t being properly proliferated and your business may suffer.

How well your website is designed can affect how well it drives traffic and well it’s optimized for SEO ranking. The appearance of your website affects its perception and how easy it is for visitors to click away or buy your stuff.

Colors and Fonts

Although is relatively simple, both your color choice and font selection can affect your traffic and overall website success. In general, websites ought to be bright but complementary when you select colors. Websites with lots of dark tones made it difficult for users to perceive information and text appropriately, not to mention seem unwelcoming by comparison.

Your font choice also matters a great deal. Try to find a font that’s professional and easy to read but which matches the overall theme or flavor of your website. If possible, go with something other than Times New Roman, as it’ll seem too similar to Office documents otherwise.

Main Menus

Whenever you’re building a website’s main menu, the design and orientation need to be intuitive and easy to navigate. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds for a potential visitor to understand where they are and where they can go. To that end, you’ll want menus in easy to see and read locations and in places where the visitor will expect them. The top of the screen or left-hand corner are good ideas for basic setups.

Main menus that are easy to navigate more efficiently bring people deeper into your website and increase traffic over time.

Make it Mobile Friendly

From available data in 2017, 57% of Internet use occurs on mobile devices. This means that capturing mobile user traffic should be of prime concern to anyone looking to master the online business sphere. You should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, which means employing the help of excellent website designers. Making a website responsive to the wide variety of mobile devices is tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s well worth the effort.

Mobile users will often move away from a website that isn’t easy to navigate on the smaller screen, lowering your traffic overall.

Call to Action Buttons

Your web designer can implement effective call to action buttons all throughout your website. These buttons implore visitors to take desirable actions and can help them reach sale funnels throughout your website. They also drive sales, help people sign up for email lists, and more. But you need to be careful when setting these buttons up, as call to action buttons that are too flashy or annoying will drive people away from your site rather than bringing them in.

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