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Create Video Ads that Produce Leads and Generate Revenue!

Have you noticed the invasion of video ads lately? Video ads are everywhere…they pop up when you’re trying to catch up on the daily news online, on your favorite websites, and they’re certainly taking over social media.  Why?  Because they work!

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Simply put… users are more responsive to videos versus basic images or text. Today’s audiences prefer watching a story unfold rather than reading descriptions trying to depict what a specific image wants to relay.  Bottom line…we want to be entertained, hence the influx of mobile video ads to influence prospective customers instead of boring them with old school ads.

Enter vertical video ads…the newest advertising concept that is sweeping social media. A vertical video is a video created with a camera or computer for viewing in portrait mode, producing a taller image versus its widescreen counterpart.

Why are we going vertical?  When you stumble upon a video ad on Facebook or any other mobile app, it’s an extra, unnecessary step to rotate your device to view it full screen. This extra step causes many viewers to navigate away without viewing the video. However, a vertical video that is captivating and doesn’t require that extra step…now we’re talking!  It just makes sense.

So, what can you do to make your vertical video capture your audience and do what it’s meant to do…generate revenue? Check out these easy tips for creating successful vertical video ad campaigns.

Engage your audience in the first few seconds
We view numerous ads in our Facebook news feeds each day. There’s no way we can read and interact with all of them, so we quickly decide whether an ad is worth our time. Effective video ads must grab the user’s attention within the first few seconds and they must be short…15-20 seconds max.  It’s crucial to pique viewers’ interest from the start and deliver your message very quickly.

Connect with your audience on a personal level
Your target audience connects with people and circumstances, not businesses. Create videos that show you’re both approachable and relatable. Search for creative ways to tell your story and relate with your audience.  Show them who you are.

Use headlines to create interest
As we aimlessly scroll through our news feed, we occasionally glance at the over-the-top graphics, but a compelling headline is what reels us in. Create an engaging, yet informative, headline that immediately piques the viewer’s interest so that they are unable to look away.

Include a compelling call-to-action
If you’re not going to include a captivating offer, there is no need to waste your time or money on creating an ad. The purpose of your ad is to entice viewers to act on your offer, thereby generating revenue for you. Be sure to provide an offer your target audience can’t resist.

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