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The Benefits of Customized On-Hold Recordings

Having to place callers on hold is an inevitable part of running a business. If you’re busy with another customer, what do your callers hear while they wait? The message (or lack thereof) that your on-hold callers are given could make the difference between a sale and a lost lead. 

With the dominance of social media and email marketing today, customized on-hold recordings may not seem like a pressing addition to your business. But, taking this extra step can provide numerous benefits for your business as a whole.

Key Benefits of Customized On-Hold Recordings

A customized on-hold recording can help your business:

Give a Professional Impression 

Imagine that you call two businesses and are placed on hold with both. With one business, you hear a clear, engaging message about new products and services. With the other, you wait in silence for a representative to take your call. 

With a custom on-hold message taking the place of silence or generic music, you can ensure that callers have a favorable impression of your business. On-hold recordings denote professionalism and show that you care about the customer’s experience. When callers are impressed by your professionalism and customer service, they’re more likely to make a purchase. 

Foster Brand Recognition

Customers value phone calls as a way to receive individualized support. On-hold recordings help you to provide higher quality support while reinforcing your brand and its message. 

You can utilize the time that your callers spend on hold to advertise new product or service offerings. The message should promote brand consistency and tell callers what your company is all about. Any time that you have to communicate with potential customers is valuable, and a custom on-hold message will make the most of each call you receive. 

Keep Callers on the Line

Most callers who are left on hold in silence hang up. A hang-up can translate to a lost sale, as well as a loss of respect for your business. After all, being placed on hold is frustrating. But, a customized on-hold recording can make the time callers spend on hold more enjoyable and productive. By providing valuable information in your recording, you can capture callers’ attention and keep them from hanging up. 

Creating a Customized On-Hold Message

To ensure that your on-hold message is unique, professional, and encompasses your brand’s message, make sure that it’s done by experts like the team at WattMedia. A lot goes into a successful on-hold message, including a script, announcer, background music, and messaging equipment. Additionally, your on-hold message should be updated periodically to promote new products, services, and events. When on-hold messaging is kept up-to-date, it’s a great way to inform callers of company developments. 

Professionally-made on-hold messages are more likely to resonate with your audience and turn callers into sales. WattMedia creates high-quality on-hold messages and music for businesses in all industries across the United States.

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