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Microsoft Cloud Email – Outlook 365

Microsoft Outlook 365Are you currently using Microsoft Outlook, and looking for something more flexible and accessible, without changing to an entirely new platform? If you’re like many, you might be dealing with little nuisances throughout the day.  Maybe you would like a system that offers better, more productive means of communication.

Maybe you have concerns about IT and budget, or perhaps you’re looking for a little more data security. Having a reliable and powerful business email solution is important for businesses of all sizes; Microsoft Outlook 365, which is in “the Cloud” might have everything you’re looking for.

Microsoft Outlook 365 is becoming one of the leading cloud-hosted email service providers, even rivaling Gmail. Why are people turning to Microsoft Outlook 365? In a nutshell, itge offers a secure way to protect your information while keeping you and your employees connected anytime and anywhere.

 What can Microsoft Outlook 365 do for your business?

  • Reliable DLP. Protect your private data with Data Loss Prevention and complete backups of your emails.
  • More effective messaging system management. The easy to use web-based interface allows you to perform and manage specific tasks quickly.
  • All your contacts in one place. Exchange allows all of your employees to import their contacts from other networks so they can have all their important information in one place.
  • Access your emails anywhere. Easily access your mailbox using Outlook, or from any other pc on the web, or from your smartphone. No matter where you access email it will look the same and be synced.
  • Effective Data Management. All of your important information is stored securely in one place using Exchange archiving, large mailboxes, and retention policies.
  • Increased Productivity. Uses can collaborate on projects and share information quickly and easily.
  • Protected Communications. You’re protected against email threats using up-to-date multi-layered anti-spam filtering and anti-malware engines.
  • Flexible Cloud Options. Exchange allows you to move to the cloud as you see fit while offering enhanced user experience including sharing calendars and scheduling meetings.
  • Easy Compliance. Features like eDiscovery Center, Share Point, and Lync allow you to identify, contain, and analyze your organization’s information in a safe place. This reduces the cost of managing complex compliance needs.

If you want to increase productivity, communication, organization, and data security, without changing to a different platform such as Gmail, then Microsoft Outlook 365’s  reliable cloud hosted service might be just the tool you’re looking for.  Here is more information on this email solution: https://products.office.com/en-us/exchange/exchange-online

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