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Google Dives into Social Media

google plus

A few weeks ago, Google launched Google+ (Google Plus), which is its attempt at social networking.  Google allowed a limited number of users to sign up and test drive the new platform, and yours truly was lucky enough to get a special invitation!  Google+ is simple and clean, but obviously it’s still early.  I’m sure Facebook was much simpler early on as well.  Google simplifies categorizing your contacts into different groups, or “circles,” and like Twitter, allows you to connect with someone without them connecting with you.  Overall, I like it!

It will be very interesting to watch Google+ evolve from these early stages, and also to see how it does compared to Facebook, the current behemoth of social media.  My prediction: Google+ will probably do well, which means that we as users win out, since we’ll have more than one platform to choose from.

If you’re on both Google+ and Facebook, and also Twitter and LinkedIn, you now have yet another site to check up on every day.  I’m sure this will mean the advent of better third-party platforms which will allow you to add multiple social accounts and view them all in one place.  These will need to be better than they currently are though.  It will surely get interesting!

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