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Can Your Shopping Cart Site Be a Quick Success?

“All I need to do is add some good meta tags to my website, buy some links, and then I’ll have lots of traffic to my site, and people will then buy my products.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this, or something very similar. Many new e-commerce website owners are so eager to get on the search engines, and often naively think that once they have their meta tags inserted, buyers will flood their gates.

In reality, just like a brick and mortar business, it takes time to build the business and grow your customer base. It takes patience. It takes multiple forms of online marketing – search engine optimization, link submissions, e-mail marketing, and maybe also blogging and frequenting social media sites. It takes traditional forms of marketing – direct mail, print marketing, personal networking, and advertising.

Keep in mind – if it were just a matter of optimizing your site and adding meta tags, everyone would be doing it. And these days as more and more people are doing it, then the playing field has become leveled. Why should consumers buy from you rather than buying from a similar site? Likely they have never heard of you. Why should they trust you?

It sounds like it’s easy, but an online business is no different than any other business, so treat it as such and you’ll be on the right track.

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