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Can You Use AI To Write Your Blog Posts?

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart technology are becoming increasingly involved in business practices. From automating chatbots with context-based auto-replies to creating original media with art generation tools, there’s a constant effort to improve efficiency through automation – and search engine optimization (SEO) is no different.

AI is an incredibly popular topic when it comes to SEO. If you’re investing in SEO for your business or website, you’ve likely heard of AI content writing and how it can turn hours of billable work into minutes. But is it too good to be true?

What Is AI Blogging?

AI blogging is the creation and publication of blog posts using content that was written with the assistance of an AI writing tool. You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT and how it answers any question instantly, but did you know it can write, too?

The goal of AI copywriting is to greatly shorten the amount of time it takes to create content that will be used to help you rank better on search engines like Google. They take a prompt from the user that guides the creation of the content and produce text according to the requirements provided.

How To Create Blogs With AI

Creating a blog using an AI tool is pretty simple. You just enter your prompt into the tool of your choice, providing as much information as possible for the most useful results.

You might request a certain topic, word count, regional language, or other specification for it to take into account when generating content. It’ll then either access information from other online sources or its existing database to create the content you asked for, taking into account your specifications.

For example, you could prompt ChatGPT to write you a 500-word article explaining the difference between SEO and pay-per-click marketing using UK English and without words longer than nine characters.

There’s no limit to the parameters you can set for the content you request. You can also follow up after receiving the text with additional specifications like removing a certain topic, shortening the piece, or adding lists to break up information.

Does Google Penalize You For Using AI Content?

Blog posts for SEO aim to provide your audience with valuable information while ranking well on search engines like Google. If search engines believe you produce high-quality content, you’re more likely to appear at the top of search results for that topic. But SEO content was intended to be completed “by people, for people.” So, how does Google feel about AI content now?

Google released an update in February of 2023 about AI content and how it handles it. They specifically stated that their policy is to “reward original, high-quality content” without focusing on how it is produced. In a September 2023 update, they further elaborated by changing “by people, for people” to “created for people,” acknowledging the presence of AI and signaling that AI blogging is allowed – as long as it provides value.

How To Use AI To Create Blog Posts That Provide Value

AI content creation is fast, but it’s not perfect. 

Most notably, AI-assisted writing often sounds robotic or inhuman. The limited social context and understanding may lead to an unnatural flow that is difficult to read. Without human involvement, it’s hard for artificial intelligence to be conversational.

AI writing tools are also limited to specific information that already exists online or in their databases, so they can have trouble forming conclusions or adding insight into topics. They can even struggle with misinformation due to outdated information or incorrect sources that a person could fact-check.

If you want to make AI blogging work for you, it’s best to work with a copy editor or content writer who can take AI-generated content and humanize it for you. You’ll be able to refine the content without requiring a major time investment to write it from scratch, saving time and money while still offering the value Google requires.

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