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Looking for professionally done, top-notch IVR Voice Prompts? IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is a telephone system technology that allows callers to speak their response as they navigate through a phone menu or obtain account information.

We have many professional voices, male and female, and have recorded tens of thousands of voice-prompt recordings. We are confident that we have the voice you're looking for! Our professionalism and quick turnaround time make us a choice of many businesses seeking IVR voice prompts. We can deliver your prompts via e-mail, or ftp, in any format you require, including .wav, mp3, or any other audio format.

Our rates are very affordable; whether you need just a few, or thousands of prompts, no job is too large or small for Watt Media. We can work out either a per-prompt rate, or a flat rate for the entire project. Listen to the demos below! (Please note – IVR prompts vary in size from complete sentences, to short phrases, to single words, and the demos below reflect the various prompt lengths).

Demo #1
Demo #2
Demo #3

For more demos, call us at 954-255-0720.

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