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Watt Media Telephone On-Hold Messages vs. Other Companies

There are some differences between the way we do things at Watt Media and the way other telephone on-hold companies do it.  I am often asked about this when we receive calls from prospects who’ve found us online and are shopping around.  Here are some simple differences:

1. We sell our digital player, which means you own it.  Many on-hold companies lease the player, which means you will end up paying two or three times what the unit is actually worth in the long run.  Others will provide you with the player, supposedly at no charge, but will charge you an upfront fee and call it something else.  There are some on-hold companies that will actually provide it at no charge, but this is because you don’t own the equipment, which means that if you ever cancel the service, you will need to return it and stop using the recordings in your possession.  I realize that getting a free player is attractive at first, as compared to paying a few hundreds of dollars for it, but our clients love the fact that they own their equipment, and will always be able to use it.

2. We sell our recordings on a buyout basis.  Many on-hold companies allow you to use the recordings only while you’re paying for the service.  If you ever choose to discontinue, you are not allowed to use the recordings and must return them.  While this is a legitimate way to offer this service, I have always felt that this system was not fair to the client.  At Watt Media, we hope you continue to update the messages and keep using our service, but if for some reason you choose to cancel, you may still keep the old on-hold recordings we’ve made for you.  Want to use the same old recordings for 10 years?  Be our guest!  I don’t think this will be very effective for you, but we won’t charge you to do so.  We only charge clients for the ability to update their recordings, which is how they should really be utilized.

3. We sell one digital unit, and that’s it.  Instead of complicating things and confusing you with lots of options when it comes to buying a digital player, we’ve done the homework for you and picked a great player that is extremely user friendly and does everything it needs to.  Our unit comes with a USB drive which means we can e-mail you the recordings, and you simply copy them onto the USB drive and insert it into the player.

4. We are sensible.  There are lots of good companies out there.  What I do know is that the way WE do things is sensible, and makes sense.  We do things that are in your best interest, and for this reason we’ve had so many clients as satisfied long-term customers.

5. We do it all in-house.  We don’t farm out our productions – we do them right in our studio.  You can rest assured that your recording was made in our office, from start to finish.

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