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Tips for a Healthy Computer

laptop computerProperly maintaining your computer should be a high priority as a business owner. As we all know, computers are an essential part of any business. And just as people use simple and regular hygiene practices like showering or brushing our teeth to stay healthy, computers also need regular hygienic care to run smoothly.

“But I’m not really a computer person, and my business keeps me busy,” you might say, “Can’t I just hire somebody else to fix my computer?”

Of course there are times when a problem may be too big or time-consuming for you to fix on your own. In that case, a professional computer tech is a great resource. But there are MANY simple things you can do on a regular basis to keep your computer running effectively—none of which are very difficult or require much time. And doing these things regularly can help you avoid problems that might cost you later on!

Here are some simple tips for keeping your PC (and your business) healthy:

  1. Declutter (at least once every 6 months). In the simplest form, decluttering is uninstalling unused software and applications. You can use Disk Cleanup or Task Manager (both already part of Windows), or you can download a free program like CCleaner. There are many sites with step-by-step instructions on how to use these programs.
  2. Keep security up-to-date. Make sure your current security software is up-to-date. You might even consider having a second security program. Passwords are also a very important security tool, so you should take them seriously and always use strong passwords to protect the integrity of your PC.
  3. Keep your PC updated. Windows performs operating systems updates frequently. You can have it set to update automatically or manually. Knowing what Windows Update is will help you be aware of what is being updated, even if it is automatic. Optimizing your drive with Windows Drive Optimizer is another way to keep your PC updated.
  4. Back up your files. The method you use doesn’t matter as long as you do it. Some options are online storage clouds or external hard drives. Protect your data!
  5. Your computer can suck up dust and hair. Open it occasionally and dust it out to keep it clean.

Periodically doing these simple maintenance practices will keep both your PC and your business healthy and running smoothly.

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