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Still Using an Answering Machine for Your Business?

When someone calls your business after hours, are they greeted by an answering machine? Ever stop and think about what impression that makes? Think about it – when you call a place and get an answering machine – you can tell it’s an answering machine! The white noise…the way the message sounds…and what does that tell you? It gives off the impression that your business is either very small since you don’t have a voice-mail system, or that you are behind the times. To me, it just screams “small time!” and isn’t very professional.

If your business size doesn’t justify a full-blown auto attendant voice-mail system, fine; but why not at least get a voice-mail service from your local phone company? Your local service provider (Bellsouth, Verizon, Southwestern Bell etc.) likely offers a simple voice-mail package for under $20 a month.

You’ll simply access your voice-mail by calling into your mailbox. You can record your outgoing message, (if you don’t have a good voice, find someone who does!) and you’ll know that someone has left you a message when you pick up the phone and hear a stutter dial tone. Then you just call in and retrieve your messages. You can save them, play them back, rewind, and forward – and no more tapes or physical machine to worry about. And most importantly, it’ll sound clearer and more professional. Isn’t $200 a year worth the enhanced image it’ll give you?

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