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On-Hold Messages Turns Wait-Time Into Marketing Opportunity

on-hold messagesNo one likes to be put on hold. When you have an important question, or you need service fast, being put on hold can be frustrating. The same is true for your customers. What makes matters worse is being on the other end of dead silence. “Did they hang up? Should I keep waiting?” Those questions should never enter the minds of your customers.

What if you could keep your customers engaged, entertained, and informed while simultaneously boosting sales? On-hold messages do just that.

When you think of marketing today, you might not consider the benefits of quality on-hold recordings. Even with newer, digitized forms of marketing that dominate the scene today, on-hold messages are still an innovative, and highly-effective marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here’s why you should think about adding on-hold messages to your marketing solutions:

● It keeps them on the phone. A caller who is not engaged will probably hang up, and call a similar company. Don’t lose customers to something that is so easy to avoid.
● It’s a great sales opportunity. On-hold messages let you promote your current special offers, and additional products and services your customers might not know about.
● It keeps customers informed. On-hold messages are a great way to keep customers in the know about your services, and other important information such as business hours and sales.
● It reduces complaints. On-hold recordings greatly reduce complaints about the on-hold time and customer service.

On-hold messages are a great, customizable marketing tool. On-hold messages are made with the help of professional voice artists. Background music is selected based on the preferences of your target audience, and the phone script is based on information that highlights your unique products and services. On-hold messages are great for all systems, including VoIP.

No matter what business you’re in — you probably have a phone — which means putting customers on hold. This is a great chance for you to show potential customers what you have to offer. Professional on-hold recordings can make a huge difference in how customers see you, and will lead to a huge boost in customer satisfaction and sales compared to those who don’t have on-hold messaging.

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