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On-Hold Advertising Still a Choice of Businesses Despite Slow Economy

On-Hold Messages, also known as On-Hold Advertising, is still going strong despite a tough economy.  As a small business owner, it’s interesting to be able to have a close-up view of business trends and cycles in our economy, and sales in on-hold messages have increased steadily in the past few months.   I’ve seen more and more businesses start spending money and I am happy to report than on-hold messaging is still a strong candidate for a business’ marketing dollars.

Why on-hold messaging?   I have seen so many businesses cancel their Yellow Pages and other print ads, mostly due to cost, and because the internet has made these somewhat obsolete, and they’ve been putting their marketing efforts into the internet – improving their website, getting it ranked in the search engines, and other creative marketing ideas, where on-hold messages fit right in.

On-hold messages are affordable and offer an atypical type of marketing – much more niche than other marketing methods.  The messages are a great way to promote services and products to new and existing customers, and more and more businesses are seeing this as a great way to increase client retention and prospective client inquiries.

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