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OHMA Press Release

OHMA just issued this press release, which I am happy to post here:

“Business Calls Placed ‘On Hold’ Are a Point of Opportunity!”
States newly elected OHMA Chairman

Pete Turpel, the newly elected Chairman of OHMA, the On Hold Messaging Association, believes the phone is not going away and businesses are missing opportunity after opportunity by not talking to the consumer during their ‘hold time.’

In an interview with Fox Business News, listed on the OHMA website (http://www.ohma.org), Turpel states, “They say that 70% of callers are going to go on hold… it’s a fact of life. Those calls that do go on hold will be on hold for about 30 to 40 seconds. So why not take that opportunity and talk about you! You want to be talking to that customer about you; at the time they are thinking about you… it’s a point of opportunity!”

Turpel was recently elected as Chairman of OHMA at their ninth annual international conference held in Atlanta, March 19 – 21, 2009, at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel. In addition to Turpel, other newly elected board members included: Allen Gaughf, Vice-Chairman and Marketing Chair; Mike Edwards, Ex-Officio; Mitch Keller, Technology Chair; Jerry Brown, Marce Awards Chair; Nick Findlay, International Committee Chair; Justin Ginsberg, Membership Chair; Vince Koegle, Conference Chair; and Andy Hedberg, Member Services / Vendor Relations Chair.

The new Board of Directors vowed to promote OHMA’s ‘Trademark of Assurance” as the benchmark companies should seek when choosing an on hold service provider. According to Chairman Turpel, “If your company is looking for an on hold service provider, you should only consider OHMA members; it’s your guarantee of comparing the most professional companies in the business.” Turpel added “Finding an OHMA member is easy, as they have the ‘Click to Verify’ OHMA logo on their company’s website. The OHMA certification indicates the member company has been in the on hold messaging industry a minimum of five years, more than 51% of their revenue is derived exclusively from on hold services, they have no complaints filed against their company, and they follow the ethics and business practices OHMA has in place.”

In addition to electing a new board, the 2009 MARCEs Award winners were announced. MARCE, which stands for Marketing and Creative Excellence, is presented to the most creative ‘on hold production’ entries. This year’s winners, as well as previous years are available to be heard on the OHMA website.

Watt Media, Inc. is a member of OHMA and has been providing businesses throughout the U.S. with on-hold messaging services for 11 years. We are proud to be part of an organization such as OHMA that upholds ethics in business, professionalism, and raises the standards of the on-hold industry.

The On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA) is an international organization composed of audio marketing agencies committed to expanding awareness of the On Hold Messaging industry, promoting ethical and professional business practices, assisting independent On Hold Messaging agencies in the development of their business, and enhancing the relationship between member agencies and their clients through education, self-regulation, and service and support excellence. For more information on OHMA, email info@ohma.org or visit the website at http://www.ohma.org.

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