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Celebrity Voice-Overs Are Here!

“Yeah, baby!”

Watt Media has just launched Celebrity Voice-Overs!  Available now, you can have some celebrity messages interspersed throughout your telephone on-hold recording.  Your regular script will still remain, and these will play 3 times throughout.

Characters such as Arnold, Sly Stallone, Regis Philbin, Austin Powers, Hillary Clinton, and others will entertain your callers and are guaranteed to make them laugh!  These are available in stock messages or can be customized to promote your product or service.  They have already been a big hit in the one week since we launched this service!

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On-Hold Advertising – An Inexpensive Form of Marketing

In a tough economy such as the one we face now, businesses are looking for inexpensive ways to advertise, and are trying to think outside the box to come up with innovative ways to attract new customers and lure back old ones. You need not look far – on-hold advertising is an inexpensive, creative and effective advertising tool which can work wonders if used properly.

Compared to yellow page advertising, which can cost $600 plus a month, and other forms of traditional marketing such as newspaper and magazine ads, radio and television commercials, trade shows, billboards, direct mail, and telemarketing, on-hold advertising is extremely inexpensive. For under $100 per month, a business can have a fully customized on-hold recording, and also have it updated several times throughout the year. Continue reading

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Do I Need a Phone System to Play On-Hold Messages on My Phones?

Typically, businesses can have telephone on-hold messages playing by hooking up an audio source to their KSU or PBX-type phone system. Since all of the office phones are controlled by a central “brain” (the phone system), any time a call is placed on-hold, the caller hears the recording.

But what if your business doesn’t have one of these “phone systems,” but instead has a simple two to four line phone which was purchased at your local office supply store? Good news – with the use of a special adapter, you can still sound like the big boys and have an on-hold recording. Continue reading

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Phone On-Hold Service

Many of our prospective customers ask us about the benefits of on-hold messages. “We don’t keep our customers on-hold,” they say. On-hold messaging or advertising goes beyond merely eliminating hang-ups for those on-hold for a long time, although that is one of its benefits.

Whether your callers are on hold for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or a minute or two, it can be very beneficial. The idea is, you’ve got a captive audience, so why not promote your business? Rather than having nothing but dead air, why not tell your callers something about your products or services? Continue reading

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Digital Player for Free?

Many on-hold companies offer packages in which they include the player for free. How can they do that? Is it really free? Well…often times, it’s not. Many times, there’s a start-up fee ranging anywhere from $199 to $399 and even higher. This start-up fee covers the company’s cost for the player, but calling it a start-up fee allows them to say that the player is free. Hey – you’re not paying for the player – it’s free. But there is a $299 start-up fee. There’s nothing terribly wrong with clever marketing…but let’s compare apples to apples. Continue reading

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How Often Should a Dental or Chiropractic Office Update Their On-Hold Messages?

Since we specialize in dental and chiropractic on-hold recordings, I am often asked how many updates I’d recommend for these types of practices. The short answer – any medical office should get a minimum of 3 recordings per year.

Now, I understand that medical practices don’t have that many changes going on, and may not run promotions or sales like other types of business do, but there are other reasons to update your on-hold recording: Continue reading

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Digital Player Options for Telephone On-Hold Advertising

Confused by all of the different types of Digital Players for on-hold messaging these days? I’ll try to make it clearer.

Types – The first generation of digital players used a cassette-loading system. While cassette players are a thing of the past, the ubiquity of these digital players still make them an option, especially in the refurbished market. About 5 years ago, CD loading players came out, and these are still very prominent. The latest technology, however, uses a USB drive. The recording is e-mailed to the client as an mp3 file, which is then copied onto the USB drive and inserted into the player. Other digital players use proprietary media such as cartridges or memory cards, which means if you ever cancel your service and switch to another company, you’ll be stuck with a format that no one else can accomodate.

So which one do I recommend? There’s nothing wrong with getting a refurbished tape-loading system for the real frugal person – but you’ll get much better longevity and value with either a CD-loadable or USB system. With technology changing so rapidly, a USB-based system seems better and shouldn’t cost more than a CD loading system.

Pricing Plans – some on-hold companies sell the equipment outright, some lease it out, and other include it as part of the on-hold package. What’s important here is to compare apples to apples. Leasing may seem affordable – but how much are you really paying for the unit? Most often it’s three or four times the cost of buying it upfront, making leasing the least attractive option.

Many on-hold companies provide you with a digital player as part of the package. Is the charge for the player lumped onto a hefty start-up fee or monthly fee? You may be paying for it even if it’s not marketed that way. In addition, in almost all cases, when the player is included, you don’t own it, which means that if you ever cancel your service, you’ll have to return it to the company. Not an ideal situation. I’d recommend buying the unit outright. This way, the unit is yours and you’re not paying more than it’s worth in monthly leasing costs.

Warranties – Some players come with a 1-year warranty, many of the industry leaders offer a 3-year warranty, and only one that I know of offers a 5-year warranty.

At Watt Media, we use Nel-Tech Labs’ Messager USB player. This unit uses a USB drive, making it easy to use and the most technologically advanced system. It also comes with an industry-high 5-year warranty. We offer the unit on a purchase basis, eliminating leasing or monthly payment plans for the hardware. Our clients seem to prefer this to other options out there. The units are excellent and I can’t remember the last time one malfunctioned or failed, making maintenance for us a breeze, which means more happy clients.

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New USB Mp3 Digital Player for On-Hold Messages

We now offer a great new digital player for on-hold advertising. Rather than load tapes or CDs, this unit comes with a USB drive. We e-mail our clients their on-hold recording as an mp3 file, and all they have to do is load it onto the USB drive, and simply insert the USB drive into the unit. And that’s it! No waiting for the CD to come in the mail, no tapes, just a simple mp3 file via e-mail.

We’ve been offering these players for about 6 months now, and our customers love them. These units come with a 5-year warranty, have no moving parts, and are made to withstand the long term continous play of your on-hold promotions.

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How Many Updates for Dentist On-Hold Messages?

While virtually all of our dental clients get on-hold updates regularly, the question often comes up of how often a dental office should be updating their recordings. As new clients, many dentists will say, “Things don’t change in my practice too often, so I don’t think we need many updates.” While this is a valid concern, I feel that it misses the point of having these recordings. The idea is not just to update when something changes, but to do it as a way of making the on-hold recordings more effective.

Each recording should emphasize a different aspect of the practice, and need not mention every single thing offered. As new services are offered, or staff changes, or you get a new website, relocate, etc., certainly that should be promoted, but even if you have no changes at all, the script should be reworded, the emphasis shifted to a particular area of the practice, and the music should always change, so the recording sounds fresh and new. This will keep callers listening, and the recording will continue to be effective – which means that patients will inquire more about your services.

So how many recordings should a dental office get? Some get monthly updates, some every other month, but the majority gets quarterly updates. It comes down to personal preference, and the important thing is that the on-hold messages are updated regularly and consistently.

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Why Digital Players Are Ideal for Music On-Hold

Still using a CD player for your on-hold messages? Here’s why a CD player is not the best option:

    • Has moving parts
    • Will stop working after 6 months to a year and need replacing


  • Will skip when it starts getting old and ready to be replaced



  • Needs to be manually reset after a power outage



  • The smaller ones don’t have enough volume



  • Comes with only a one to three month warranty


These days, a digital player is the way to go. Here’s why:

    • No moving parts


  • No wear & tear



  • Great sound quality



  • Resets automatically after a power outage



  • Comes with a 5-year warranty



  • Very easy to use


Even mp3 players such as an iPod aren’t make to play non-stop for months and months at a time. We offer a great digital unit that downloads the recording onto a USB thumb drive, then the drive is inserted into the player. It is very affordable, and you’ll end up spending as much after a few years monkeying around with CD players…not to mention the cost in aggravation.

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