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SSL Certificate for Your Site – It’s Time!

SSL padlockHave you ever wondered why when surfing the internet, you come across some websites that begin with “http://” and others that begin with “https://”? That “s” stands for “secure,” and it specifies that the site you’re viewing is protected.  This protection comes from an SSL Certificate.

Don’t have an SSL for your website?  It’s time to get one…and not just for security reasons. In July, Google Chrome will initiate marking all HTTP sites as “not secure.” As more users are moving toward HTTPS, or “secure” sites, Google has determined that it is time to initiate this program.   In fact, Google is already giving a slight boost to HTTPS sites. Furthermore, the security provided by an SSL is well worth any additional charges associated with acquiring an SSL certificate. Continue reading

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Microsoft Cloud Email – Outlook 365

Microsoft Outlook 365Are you currently using Microsoft Outlook, and looking for something more flexible and accessible, without changing to an entirely new platform? If you’re like many, you might be dealing with little nuisances throughout the day.  Maybe you would like a system that offers better, more productive means of communication.

Maybe you have concerns about IT and budget, or perhaps you’re looking for a little more data security. Having a reliable and powerful business email solution is important for businesses of all sizes; Microsoft Outlook 365, which is in “the Cloud” might have everything you’re looking for. Continue reading

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Prevent Website Hacks

padlockWebsite hacks have become so common, that it seems every week my team is dealing with a client website that has been infected with malware or has been recently hacked. Why do hackers do this? Some hackers do it just to cause trouble, or for political reasons.  Some hackers inject code and links onto your site for SEO purposes – to boost their site, while others are looking to steel data or financial info from your server.

There are a few things you can do to make your site less vulnerable, but please know that nothing is 100% secure – there is a way around every protective measure.

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